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A series of elixirs made mainly from gems, minerals and metals that has been put in purified water, inside a copper-pyramid under the rising sun. That water has then been homeopathicly potentiated, and at times also further activated by sound, coloured light and certain geometric objects. Then these are made into salves , as our main contribution to the elixir and essence resources of the world.

In our salves, the effect is further amplified by gem-powders, essential oils and the choise of plant-oil(-s)

These elixirs and salves are based on the information that Gurudas has made public in his books "Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, vol.I & II", which are basically transcripts of readings by Kevin Ryerson, the medium, channeling from "John".

For those of you who find it hard to beleive in channeling, check this out!

The use of gem-powders has its roots in Chinese medicin and the ayurvedic tradition of India.

If you are using any kind of medication in conjuction with these salves, please be aware of the fact that the salves may enhance the absorption of the drug, making a lower dose possible or even neccesary! Check with your doctor, if unshure. This also applies, in a positive way, to any kind of nutritional supplement you use.


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